Recipe Ideas

8 No-Fuss Kids’ Breakfasts

Having trouble coaxing your kids out of bed now that school has started? We’ve got some quick and delicious breakfast ideas guaranteed to get your child to the breakfast table and satisfy even your fussiest eater.

French Toast Kabobs - Get the kids to help prepare this no-fuss take on French toast. Kids can help dip the bread into the egg mixture and thread the food onto the skewers. They’ll enjoy the meal that much more knowing they helped prepare it.

Emoji Eggs - Tired of your kids playing with their food? Then let them! Kids can show their creativity by using veg and shredded cheese to make silly faces on their eggs.

Mini Breakfast Pizzas - What kid doesn’t love pizza? Our breakfast version uses English muffins topped with pizza sauce, scrambled eggs and cheese and is ready in just minutes.

Eggs-in-a-Hole - Eggs in toast? Why not! Another classic way to perk up and otherwise boring breakfast that’s ready in just 5 minutes. 

Mini Ham and Cheddar Frittatas - Kids enjoy things they can eat with their hands and these cheesy bite-sized frittatas are the perfect size for little hands. Makes a great on-the-go breakfast for those mornings when you’re off to a late start. 

Veggie Sunrise Peppers - Make veggies fun with this clever use of a pepper ring. All you need are a variety of coloured peppers and some eggs!

Fluffy Pancakes - What could be better than a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes to start your day? Serve with fresh fruit and your favourite maple syrup.

Good Morning Casserole - This is one the whole family can enjoy. Our Good Morning Casserole can be prepared the night before, so you can focus on getting the family to the breakfast table!