Recipe Ideas

10 Easy Recipes To Make with Kids At Home

Looking for activities with your kids while you’re at home? These tasty treats are sure to keep everyone occupied (and full)! Not only is cooking and baking with kids a great way to  teach math and nutrition, but it is also proven that kids who help in the kitchen are more likely to eat what they made without a fuss! Plus, if you play your cards right, you may even end up with a brownie or two. 

Ham and Egg Quesadilla

A ham and egg quesadilla makes a quick and delicious lunch or dinner. In addition to creamy scrambled eggs and shredded cheese, fill with lots of fresh vegetables like tomato, sweet pepper and green onion. Top with salsa and enjoy!

Pancake Pizza Dippers

With marinara sauce for dipping, kids will love these savoury pancake sticks for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mini Breakfast Pizzas

No one can complain when there’s pizza for breakfast! Let everyone make their own pizza on an English muffin. Pro tip: Scramble some vegetables into the eggs for an extra boost of nutrition.

Emoji Eggs

Let the kids decorate their food with sunny egg faces. Cut templates for the faces out of a simple omelette using round cookie cutter, then animate using olives for eyes, shredded cheese for hair, and cherry tomatoes for noses and smiles.

Kid Friendly Cobb Salad

Kids will love this Cobb salad – it’s garnished with all their favourite toppings. Send it with them to school for lunch or serve for an easy and nutritious dinner.

Devil Eggs

Kids will enjoy making these fun devilish snacks – as much as they will enjoy eating them!

Strawberries and Cream Popsicles

Make healthier popsicles from scratch! These layered frozen treats, made with wholesome ingredients, are such a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy brownies are every kid's favourite. These brownies make a decadent dessert and are a great recipe for any bake sale, potluck or birthday celebration.

One Bowl Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Seriously simple treat the whole family will love! 

Basic Cookie Dough

Use this simple cookie dough as the base for 4 different cookies! Try chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, double chocolate or oatmeal raisin or all 4!