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The 5 Egg Recipes Canadians Love Most

If you’ve spent any time here at, you know we love to get creative with eggs and how to prepare them! For any meal and any cuisine, we have an egg recipe to match. It seems, though, that what Canadians love most are the basics. We checked out what you were searching for and the results are in – by far, your favourite egg dishes are the staples you can turn to time and again. So, looking for a masterclass on these basics? Check out the best ways to create Canada’s favourite egg recipes below:

Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs 028 CMS

These might feel a little retro, but we’re actually seeing a resurgence in popularity for the humble pickled egg. And why not? They’re fast, easy to make (and eat!) and keep well in the fridge for a convenient, protein-packed snack whenever you want it. They also go great with a cold beer, so it’s definitely worth having a jar in the fridge over the summer months.

Don’t know how to make pickled eggs? Here’s a recipe for classic picked eggs and another recipe for pink coloured pickled eggs for the adventurous!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs

Okay, hard boiled eggs are one of the easiest egg dishes and if you aren’t sure how to make them, we’ve got you covered. That said, there’s more nuance to them than you think! With every minute your eggs are cooking, their consistency will change, from a super-soft six-minute egg (perfect over pasta, polenta, or with a side of toast for dunking) all the way to hard boiled for egg salad sandwiches, cobb salad, or as meal prep – hard boiled eggs will last up to a week in the fridge! Check out this hard boiled egg video tutorial.

Classic Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce step 3

Who doesn’t love a good eggs benny? You don’t have to stand in line on a Sunday morning for this brunch staple – making it at home is easier than you think, and starts with a great Hollandaise (which can be finicky), but this easy Hollandaise sauce recipe has tips to help you make it perfect (hint: cool it with the whisking, already!).

For all you calorie cutters, we have a yogurt-based hollandaise recipe for you too! Once you’ve got the hang of it, why not take things to the next level with Lobster or a spicy Cajun eggs benny recipe?

Simple Omelette

Ricotta Stuffed Omelette with Tomato Salad CMS

Did you know omelettes are one of the first things a chef learns in cooking school? It’s because the difference between meh and amazing is in the details! Using a hot skillet of an appropriate size (think 8 inches for a 1-3 egg omelette) is the most important step to get that light texture and an evenly cooked omelette – check out the full how-to here! Once you’ve mastered the basic omelette, add some variety with this Feta-filled Greek omelette recipe, make it truly stick-to-your-ribs with a potato-based Spanish omelette, or fill up on fresh flavour with this ricotta-stuffed omelette with tomato salad.


QC Classic Quiche Lorraine CMS

Quiche might be the ultimate egg dinner dish. Though next to trendy brunch options, quiche can feel like a throwback, but this versatile egg based dish satisfies every single time. A flaky crust is key for a perfect quiche, so if you’re feeling ambitious try out this quiche Lorraine recipe – the key is to pre-bake your crust to ensure it’s not still soggy when the egg filling is done. Not so much into the baking? This bite sized quiche recipe uses store-bought puff pastry for a super-rich and flaky bite. Toss a salad on the side and you’re done. BRB, making quiche!

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