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6 Simple Make-Ahead Brunch Recipes To Help You Sail Through Sunday

Let’s cut to it, there’s nothing better than brunch.

Sweet or savoury, classic or out-of-the-box, brunch is the lazy Sunday staple we look forward to all week. But how lazy is it? If you’re looking to skip the out-the-door lineup at your usual brunch spot and cook something at home, the key to keeping your weekend morning zen (but still enjoying an Instagram—worthy meal), is the make-ahead brunch. Yes, you can still roll out of bed and into a cup of coffee and a plate of eggs—but this way, you don’t even have to change out of your PJs. All it takes is a little prep work the day before. Check out our collection of sweet and savoury make-ahead brunch recipe ideas below, and let us know if you’re still planning to wait 45 minutes for that table for two.

Make-Ahead Oven Baked French Toast


No hot skillets and dripping batter, just easy French Toast that comes together in the oven and can be prepped the day before if you’re expecting a crowd. The orange juice in this batter adds a hint of freshness to this otherwise rich brunch classic. Enough said.

Baked Egg Cups


We love these healthy breakfast egg cups because they’re endlessly customizable. Even the most disastrous of cooks can throw together a flavour combo they’ll love. Though the base recipe calls for spinach and sliced ham, you can mix things up with roasted peppers, arugula, mushrooms, fresh herbs, smoked salmon, salsa, bacon, and/or pretty much any cheese under the sun. Serve with a fresh salad for a savoury start, make a whole tray and snack on ‘em for days, or polish them all off in a Sunday Netflix binge. No one’s judging here.

Polenta Squares with Kale and Bacon


The gluten-free among us know the struggle of brunch carbs, but these baked polenta squares are super-satisfying, packed with savoury flavour bombs and gluten-free friendly. Onion, garlic, herbs and kale are sautéed in a little bacon fat, then left to develop overnight. Morning of, dump it all in a casserole dish to bake and your kitchen will be full of delicious brunch aromas in 15 minutes flat. Make a big batch; these keep well for a grab-and-go breakfast prep that’ll last you until next weekend.

Puff Pastry Brunch Cups


Store-bought puff pastry elevates these mini quiches that are great for a crowd or a take-along to a Sunday gathering. Everything can be prepped the day before, but they’ll bake up rich, flaky and delicious in 20 minutes. For extra points, add a hint of brightness by topping with chopped tomato and fresh herbs. Yup.

Make-Ahead Buttermilk Toaster Waffles


Have a waffle iron collecting dust? Great, you’re halfway to fluffy, simple homemade waffles that keep in the freezer for up to two weeks (but we doubt you’ll need that much time to get through them). Whether you serve these savoury with a fried egg, sweet with fruit and maple syrup, or somewhere in between—chicken and waffles, anyone?—these are a definite step up from the freezer burned frozen waffles at your grocery store. We love them with a maple glazed egg in our Sunny Day Waffle Stack!

Crab and Roasted Pepper Strata


This show stopping bake uses sweet crab, savoury red pepper, and fresh herb flavours for an out-of-the-box take on brunch. You’ll be having the leftovers for dinner on the same day, trust us.

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