Recipe Ideas

10 Under 10-Minute Dishes

Making a hot breakfast or a Monday-night dinner doesn’t need to take longer than 10 minutes thanks to the quick cook time of eggs. Here are 10 dishes that cook in 10 minutes or less. Fast and nutritious, try these speedy recipes the next time your hunger (or family) just can’t wait.


Caesar Egg Strata - This tasty breakfast is ready in a record 4 minutes, so you can get back to building your own empire.

Quick Morning Pizza - Quick, nutritious, and the kids will love it.

Basic Soft boiled Egg - This method is guaranteed quick and foolproof! 


BLT Egg Wrap - This wrap is ideal for lunch on the go. For an even quicker cook time, use a microwave egg cooker, here’s how:


Egg Salad Pitas - Always have some hard boiled eggs on hand for quick meals like these Egg Salad Pitas. These are an ultra quick and satisfying mid-day meal, with cottage cheese added right into their eggy filling.

Matzo Margherita Pizza - Reducing the need to prepare a pizza crust really speeds this recipe along. It’s even quicker than a pre-made frozen pizza!


Poached Egg Salad - It’s way faster than you think!

Creamy Egg Risotto - This creamy egg risotto is a great quick dinner idea or side dish.

Spicy Avocado Eggs on Toast The ever-trending avocado toast is given a protein boost to round out a wholesome breakfast.

Caramelized Onion and Potato Scramble - An easy dinner or brunch that uses just one pan, so clean up is also super speedy!

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