Healthy Tips to Become a Meal Prep Pro

The start of the year is when many of us decide to work on healthier eating habits. One way to stick to your healthy eating goals, while also saving time and money, is through meal prep. We’re here to walk you through our best healthy meal prep tips and recipe ideas featuring one of the most nutritious foods to include in your meal prep routine: you guessed it, eggs!  

Eggs are a staple food to add to any meal prep routine: a serving of two large eggs provides 13 grams of protein, along with nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, B12, folate, iron and zinc. Eggs are also versatile, with endless ways to incorporate them into healthy meals!

How to Meal Prep

There’s no perfect way to meal prep – it’s all about what works for you! Start by thinking about which meals during the week could benefit the most from meal prep. You might want some extra help with quick dinners, or breakfasts that you can grab and go. Next, pick a day when you have some free time, and carve out a couple hours to dedicate to meal prep. This is when the magic happens!

Meal Prep Method #1: Mix and Match Meal Prep

The first meal prep method is ‘mix and match meal prep’ that’s all about prepping common ingredients that you can use in many different meals. You’ll want to meal prep a variety of vegetables, whole grains and protein foods that can be mixed and matched to create multiple balanced meals.


Protein foods: Eggs are one of the easiest protein foods to meal prep: simply hard boil a dozen eggs, they keep in your fridge for up to a week! You could also cook a couple chicken breasts or fish fillets during your meal prep session to add to recipes later on.

Vegetables: Pre-chop your favourite vegetables to easily add to meals. Try roasting a big tray of vegetables and potatoes, and store them in your fridge for re-heating later.

Whole grains: Make a couple pots of your favourite whole grains to have on hand: brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat pasta are all great options!

For example, meal prepping a batch of boiled eggs means you easily can throw them into this huevos rancheros salad for one dinner, and also add them to this tikka egg naan wrap for another dinner that offers a completely different flavour.

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Meal Prep Method #2: Batch Meal Prep

The second meal prep method is to make large batches of recipes that can be stored and enjoyed later on for a super quick meal. For example, a dozen of these breakfast egg cups can be prepared in a muffin tin and stored in the fridge or the freezer. You can then reheat them during the week for an easy, protein-rich breakfast that’s ready to go!

Try preparing a couple quiches or frittatas on you meal prep day. They can easily be frozen and then popped into the oven to reheat later when you need them. Or, make a big batch of soup, chili or casserole, and freeze it in individual portions for later. Future you will thank you!


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