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The 10 Most Popular Egg Recipes in Canada by Province

As Canada blows out 150 birthday candles this July, we’re excited to look back and appreciate what makes our country great. What better time to celebrate our egg farmers, who work passionately to provide all Canadians with a continuous supply of fresh, local, and high quality eggs.

We love these recipes because they come to us from real egg farming families – and they use tons of other Canadian ingredients, too! Check them out:

1. British Columbia: Smoked Salmon and Dill Crêpes

Smoked Salmon and Dill Crepes CMS

Crepes are super-versatile – it’s honestly a challenge to choose between sweet and savoury sometimes. This version uses the classic west coast filling of smoked salmon, sour cream and fresh dill. We love this light dish for summer. See the full crepes recipe here!

2. Alberta: Chocolate Krinkles

Chocolate Krinkles

All dessert lovers will definitely unite around this chocolate treat. This Canadian egg recipe originally called for 90 eggs, 52 cups of flour and 11¼ cups of oil, so you know they’ve got to be popular.

3. Saskatchewan: Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

SK Farmers Favourite Breakfast Sandwich CMS

What egg list would be complete without a breakfast sandwich recipe? This one is easy-peasy, and comes together in no time. Use a cookie cutter or egg ring when you make your eggs for a restaurant-perfect sandwich.

4. Manitoba: Zesty Eggplant Frittata

Zesty Eggplant Frittata

Eggs and eggplant are a match made in pun heaven, and this frittata brings them together into one delicious pan. If you like hot sauce or spicy salsa on your eggs, you’ll definitely want to check out this savoury spiced egg frittata recipe!

5. Ontario: Finnish Oven Pancakes

Finnish Oven Pancakes

Nothing says you’re a brunch pro like a Finnish oven-made pancake recipe! This glorious egg-based baked dish makes for an absolute spectacle to watch as it bakes. See how to make them – and a host of customizable toppings.

6. Quebec: Quiche Lorraine

QC Classic Quiche Lorraine CMS

Quiche Lorraine is a great egg recipe we never get tired of. Gruyère, green onions and ham come together inside this flaky homemade crust (which is totally not as hard as it seems). You can’t beat a classic!

7. New Brunswick: Lobster Eggs Benedict

Lobster Eggs Benedict

Hollandaise sauce is a brunch staple, but this lobster eggs benny takes it to another level. For those of you who don’t have access to lobsters, consider moving to the coast – any coast – but substitute bacon, peameal bacon or ham with this creamy hollandaise sauce in the meantime. Drooooling!

8. Nova Scotia: Wild Blueberry Cake

Wild Blueberry Cake

What to do with an abundance of blueberries? A wild blueberry cake dessert, of course! This Canadian east coast staple has a crunchy brown sugar exterior and cinnamon topping takes things to the next level. Enjoy this cake plain (meh!), lightly sweetened with whipped cream (brilliant!), or with a scoop of ice cream (now we’re talking!).

9. Prince Edward Island: Red Sand-Dusted Devilled Eggs

Red Sand Dusted Devilled Eggs

THESE ARE THE BEST-DEVILLED EGGS, EVER! Excuse the all-caps, but we know you’ll love this simple egg recipe – they’re one of the most searched recipes on our site! Bring this paprika-dusted version along to your Canada 150 celebrations this year – we bet they’ll be gone in a snap.

10. Newfoundland and Labrador: Pickled Eggs

NL Traditional Pickled Eggs CMS

Say hello to one of the most-searched egg recipes on our website – pickled eggs! They are easy, delicious, and have a longer shelf life than most other egg recipes. This version uses cider vinegar and a sprinkling of chili flakes.

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! What are you making to celebrate?