Recipe Ideas

The Great Egg Bake

Baked egg dishes are a great way to prepare eggs for a crowd or a meal in a hurry. Toss your ingredients into a dish, bake and serve!

Baked Egg Bread Bowls - It’s an all-in-one breakfast or dinner, thanks to the kaiser buns being used as bread bowls, which also means you don’t have to toast bread or even wash a skillet!

Canadian Farmhouse Baked Eggs - A baked twist on a breakfast classic. Instead of greasy fried bacon and eggs, this method combines them together with potatoes and chili sauce, which are then baked into individual casseroles. Bacon and eggs has never tasted so good!

Baked Egg Cups - A healthy and delicious breakfast for 6 in just over 30 minutes? You bet! The best thing about these baked ham and egg cups (besides the compliments)? Your guests will think you spent hours slaving over them!

Good Morning Casserole - An egg casserole is a great way to start your day. Topped with bacon, filled with mushrooms and oozing with Cheddar cheese, it won’t be hard to get the family out of bed with this breakfast casserole.

Coddled Eggs with Ham and Parmesan - Coddled eggs make for an easy breakfast for two. Leave the eggs to bake in the oven, while you finish getting ready for the day.

Southwestern Skillet Omelette - This take on a Western omelette is spiced with chili powder and cumin and can be served with guacamole and sour cream for a filling family-friendly breakfast or brunch!