Recipe Ideas

Shakshuka And All Its Variations

Soft poaching eggs in a spiced tomato-based sauce creates this popular Middle Eastern dish known as Shakshuka. When it comes to Shakshuka, there’s lots of flexibility in the different recipes. This flavourful dish that can be enjoyed at any meal. Serve it with crusty bread, flat bread, or pita bread for mopping up every last bit of sauce and egg yolk.

Shakshuka For One

Dinner for one? No hassles! This easy version of Shakshuka eliminates much of the prep and cooking by using a prepared pasta sauce. Choose a sauce you really like as it has a starring role in this dish, so it needs to carry its weight. 

Shakshuka Dinner

This easy one pot dinner is perfect for your busy nights! Serve your family up a delicious and healthy meal with minimal cleanup. Customize it with your favourite cheese and some parsley as you’d like!

Green Shakshuka

Take an adventurous turn and try a green Shakshuka! This version is a mix of kale, green onions and fresh herbs. Just as customizable as the recipes above, you can substitute the kale for spinach, or top it with your favourite cheese!

Turkish Menemen

This Turkish Menemen features a blend of tomato sauce, green pepper, and chilli pepper. Same base as the Shakshuka, but with a spicy spin!  

Indian Style Skillet

When you’ve mastered the basics and want to experiment with spices, this Indian style skillet is just what you need. Flavoured with spinach, coriander, cumin, and turmeric, this dish will surely impress! Similar to the traditional Shakshuka, this dish is super quick and easy, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!