Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan

Heart for Africa World Egg Day 01

Building a stronger community, one egg at a time

Project Canaan has expanded with the addition of a new egg farm. Our journey saw a barren patch of land transformed into two layer barns filled with egg laying hens thanks to the generosity of volunteers and supporters.

Egg Farmers of Canada is contributing on-the-ground expertise and has worked closely with the community to establish the entire egg farm from the ground up. The project team, made up of a group of Canadian egg farmers and staff, continues to work with Swazi farmers to train staff and develop a long-term strategy to sustain the operation.

Now that the barn is complete, Project Canaan is providing a locally produced protein that’s essential for human growth and development. The farm:

H4A infographic2

Take action now and help local farmers develop a successful egg operations for Swazi children and their families. Visit (Canada) or (United States) and select “donate” then “poultry house” to pledge your support and help us feed a hungry world with eggs.


About Heart for Africa (Canada)

Heart for Africa is a faith-based humanitarian organization focused on bringing hope to the people of Swaziland by focusing in the areas of Hunger, Orphans, Poverty and Education through a 2,500 acre farm called Project Canaan. Our goal is to develop a financially self-sustainable farm that provides training and employment for the Swazi people, as well as providing a home for abandoned babies who will live, grow and be educated on Project Canaan so they can become the future leaders of this tiny Kingdom.

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