Recipe Ideas

Win Mother’s Day with these Egg-Based Brunch Ideas

When it comes to Mother’s Day, showing mom how much you love and care is the name of the game. Why not trump last year’s presents with the most thoughtful gift of all: a delicious breakfast. Not sure what to make? We’ll help you start your Mother’s Day sunny side up with delicious last-minute breakfast ideas that will show mom that she’s number one in your heart. No matter what type of breakfast your mom prefers, we’ve got you covered with these recipes.

For the mom with a sweet tooth

We recommend: Stuffed French Toast with Strawberries and Banana. Treat your mom with this rich and decadent brunch that is sure to make her feel spoiled. Filled with fresh fruit, then dipped in an orange-scented egg custard, this is not your average French Toast. Top with icing sugar for an extra sweet treat!

For the globe-trotting mom

We recommend: Home-style Greek Omelette. Put the fresh flavours of Greece right on mom’s plate with this specialty omelette. Just toss in onion, olives, feta and a few more Greek-inspired ingredients to take your mom on an international culinary journey all without leaving the house.

For the mom who kicks off her day at the gym

We recommend: Breakfast Power Bowl. Not your traditional breakfast, this quinoa-based power bowl featuring a perfectly poached egg, is as equally healthy as it is delicious. If your mom is kicking off mother’s day with a workout, she will surely appreciate this tasty boost of energy!

For the traditionalist mom

We recommend: Eggs Benedict. Why not go with a tried and true classic this Mother’s Day with a simple yet perfect Eggs Benedict. The key to success is preparing the Hollandaise sauce first and then the eggs. Trust us, it’s easier than you think and mom will be seriously impressed!

For the mom on the go

We recommend: Kale and Egg Wrap. Got big plans this Mother’s Day and no time for a sit-down start to the day? Make mom a special breakfast to have on-the-go! Ready in just minutes, this wrap is super easy-to-make and nutritious to boot. The extra addition of hummus is sure to make this a home-run dish with mom.