Eggs 101

Four Easter crafts your kids will love

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner! As March comes to a close, it’s time to start planning for one very hoppy holiday. No matter how old your children are, Easter is the perfect occasion to connect with your little ones and spend some quality family time.

The real fun on Easter begins once the brunch table has been cleared and the craft table is set out. Let your children channel their creativity and energy into fun crafts the Easter Bunny himself would approve of.

Take a look at these fun ideas on how to plan the best Easter for your family:

Easter Yarn Eggs

Not your traditional Easter Eggs, Yarn Eggs are a fun twist on an old classic! All you need are some eggs, coloured yarn, and a glue gun. The best part about this fun craft is that it is 100% mess free and your kids will have so much fun choosing the colours of their yarn.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Perfect for the artist of any age, Dyeing Easter Eggs creates beautiful, brightly coloured eggs. Get the whole family involved with these easy steps to Easter Egg decorating.

Magic Marker Eggs

Feel the magic of Easter come alive with Magic Marker Eggs! Using magic markers, your little ones can spruce up their eggs by doodling delicate patterns, writing their names or adding any personal touches they’d like.

Easter Eggs Galore

From glittery eggs, marbled eggs, embroidered eggs and more, the options for Easter egg decorating are truly endless. Give your Easter eggs some creative flair with these fun tips!