Recipe Ideas

Hard Boiled Easter Bunny

Creating a healthy snack can be both delicious and festive! This Easter, make this Hard Boiled Easter Bunny using 2 hard boiled eggs.

Check out this article to learn how to make the perfect hard boiled eggs!

Here is how to get started:

Step 1

Take the hard boiled egg, cut in half vertically. Use the first half to make the bunny’s body. Take the second half, and cut it into another half vertically. Use these two quarters to make the ears.

Step 2

Grab the second boiled egg, and cut in half horizontally. Use one half to create the bunny’s head. To create a flatter base for the head, cut a slice of the egg white. Save this piece for the tail. Using the remaining half, cut into quarters to create the feet.

Step 3

Grab a plate to start assembling your Easter bunny. Place the two ears, the head, and the body with yolk facing up, and arrange around the head. Place the feet and tail whites up. Place around the body.

Step 4

Use black pepper, seeds or herbs to give your bunny a face!

Once your bunny is assembled make sure to take a picture and tag @eggsoeufs on Instagram for a chance to be featured!