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What Is The Difference Between Hard And Soft Scrambled Eggs?

With a little finesse, even the most basic egg dishes can be transformed.

Take scrambled eggs, for example. The simple stovetop scramble is a go-to egg recipe in almost anyone’s repertoire, and really is versatile and delicious enough to be eaten at any meal. The question of how best to scramble, though, is still up for debate – everyone has a method they think produces the best scrambled eggs. Want to find yours? Read on for two customizable methods that will produce your perfect scramble.

Hard Scramble

This type of scrambled eggs is seen at diners and brunch restaurants, because it’s quick to prepare and requires the minimum amount of attention, making it the easiest scrambled eggs out there. This style frequently maintains defined strands of yolk and white. The key with these (and all!) eggs is to manage your heat and make sure you’re giving enough attention to stirring the curds as they form – if you don’t, you’ll end up with a sheet of scramble stuck to your pan, and risk drying out your eggs. Here’s how you do it:

This style will produce a firmer, drier (but not dry!) scramble. Easy peasy. You know what goes great with a hard scramble?

Soft Scramble

Soft scrambled eggs are fluffy, rich and indulgent – even though they’re made with the same nutritious eggs, they feel like a treat. This type of scrambled eggs requires more attention and a lower, slower technique overall – controlling your heat and keeping an eye on the moisture in your pan is essential. A great way to do this is to use a smaller pan and a rubber spatula – when you’re working with a smaller hot surface, fewer eggs will be heating at any one time. Here’s how to make a scramble so creamy you can spread it like peanut butter on toast:

These fluffy, creamy eggs require a little more sensitivity, but they add a rich and indulgent element to many dishes without adding a crazy amount of time or cost. Bored with your side of toast? These recipes go great with scrambled eggs:

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