Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Dan Kampen

British Columbia 2nd Generation Egg Farmer

As second-generation egg farmers, Dan and his wife Danielle love the farming way of life. That’s why they started Double D Farms, a small egg farm nestled in the heart of British Columbia.

Dan took over the farm from his father in 2004, after working full-time on the family farm since 1997. From the beginning, the Kampens have been most excited about being able to work together as a family. Some of Dan’s earliest memories are of collecting eggs with his mother, and now Dan’s daughters get to carry on that tradition. “They’re my little helpers,” Dan explains. “It’s a lot of fun farming with my girls.”

Along with lots of family time, Dan loves that farming lets him work where he lives. “Taking care of 23,520 hens is a seven day a week commitment,” he explains, “but I really enjoy, and take pride in producing high-quality eggs for the people of British Columbia.”