Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Emmanuel & Celine Chiasson

New Brunswick 2nd Generation Egg Farmer

Providing a solid base for their four children is a goal of egg producers Emmanuel and Celine Chiasson. “We think it’s important that they grow up on a farm. It makes them more grounded.”

The Chiasson family has been producing eggs since 1959 when Emmanuel’s father, Pamphile, started with 300 hens to provide eggs to his mother’s general store. Now, day to day operations have now fallen to Emmanuel, although Pamphile, and many members of the Chiasson extended family, play a big role in the success of this farm.

Their 23,000 layer farm is located on the Acadian peninsula. They are a truly integrated operation growing their own pullets and grading their own eggs for sale to their retail clients.