Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Marcel Laviolette

Ontario 2nd Generation Egg Farmer

Egg production has been a part of Marcel Laviolette’s daily life ever since he was young. For a long time, the well-known egg farmer from Saint-Isidore, in eastern Ontario, was his mother's right hand on Poultry Farm Laviolette. Today, Marcel and his wife operate the business, and Marcel takes pride in noting that their four children appear to have inherited his love of agriculture.

Marcel is well known in his community and takes his role as an ambassador of high-quality products to heart. He derives great value from being called upon to meet with media representatives or to participate at events in his capacity as an egg farmer and member of the Egg Farmers of Ontario.

In addition, he donates eggs when breakfast activities take place in his community.
Marcel is very proud to be among the 1,000 or so Canadian egg farmers who produce fresh, quality eggs that make their way to grocery store shelves and restaurants to feed Canadians. As he likes to say, “There is a farmer behind every egg.”