Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: The Newcombes

Nova Scotia 9th and 10th Generation Egg Farmers

There’s an impressive history of farming in the Newcombe family. Since 1761, ten generations have farmed in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. Today, Craig, Geneve, their son David and Craig’s brother Brian work on the farm.

To continue their family legacy and run a successful and progressive egg farm, the Newcombes responsibly care for their laying hens, dairy cattle and broiler chickens, and grow the grain crops for their animals’ feed in an environmentally respectful manner. David is especially proud to be part of Egg Farmers of Canada’s national young farmer program and carry on the family tradition of providing Canadians with the highest quality eggs.

Besides their commitment to farming, they are also very supportive of their community. Each family member volunteers in some way, whether with a local sports team or a community organization, or as a firefighter. They also share their knowledge of agriculture with others by hosting farm tours and visiting schools.

Geneve explains her favourite part of egg farming:

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