Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Jill & Sharon Thomas

Nova Scotia 1st and 2nd Generation Egg Farmers

Many egg farms in Canada are family farms, with more than one generation involved in caring for the hens and collecting the eggs. On the Thomas family farm, Jill, her mother Sharon, brother Ian and cousin Andrew Cook work together to run the family business.

Sharon and her late husband Laurie purchased the farm in 1973 when it was being relocated to its current location.

“We work hard to supply the best quality eggs,” says Jill. “Our motivation and reward is in the feedback we get about the great taste and freshness of our eggs. Personally, I love them in an omelette with mushrooms, peppers and cheese!”

There are white and brown hens on the farm, so the Thomas’ white and brown eggs are found in local grocery stores and sold in their on-farm store.