Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: George MacLeod

New Brunswick 5th Generation Egg Farmer

George MacLeod along with wife Mary Anne, son Matthew and daughter Elizabeth are part of the extended family that own and operate New Meadow Farm in Tower Hill, New Brunswick. In addition, his sister Carol, brother Robert, nephew Paul, and parents Margaret and Arnold all help woth the daily operations of the farm.

The MacLeod‘s farm has now been in the family for five generations. At first, their egg production was from a small backyard flock of hens with eggs sold at the local market. Today the egg operation has grown tremendously and is now home to 45,000 hens, as well as facilities to raise and nurture their very own chicks.

But despite the hard work and busy days, the family’s passion extends beyond their farm. “We want to be good neighbors and friends of the environment,” says George. “It feels good to give back to the land.” With so many helping hands on deck, there's no doubt their family is able to make quite a difference.