Recipe Ideas

10 Ways to Eat Eggs Anytime on Any Dime

As we spend more time cooking at home, we are all looking for simple ways to jazz up our meal time. We’ve partnered with 10 Canadian Egg-sperts to share their favourite budget friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Get ready to get creative, get cooking and get cracking, with these recipes!

Vegetarian Fried Rice by Hannah Magee

 “It comes together in 30 minutes or less and requires minimal equipment. All you need is a frying pan, and a pot if your rice isn’t already cooked! You can customize it using whatever vegetables you have on hand. Have some leftover broccoli or cauliflower to use up? Throw it on in!

It’s vegetarian, but sure to impress your meat-loving family and friends.

While the dish is meatless, it remains rich in protein thanks to the use of eggs. Scrambling some eggs into this fried rice give it the feel of more traditional fried rice – like you’re ordering it at a restaurant – but it also adds a lot of nutrition.”

Easy Breakfast Tacos by My Kitchen Love

“These Breakfast Tacos became so popular in our home as we could all customize the toppings. I serve these scrambled egg tacos because everyone got to pick their favourite toppings and still fit in a nourishing meal. Scrambled eggs are one of my favourite dishes to make with my young kids. They love all the whisking and mixing they get to help with. The inclusion of helping prepare a meal gives them a great sense of pride that I love watching unfold as we get any meal rolling.” 

Veggie Packed Shakshuka by Sneaky Mommies

“The goal of this dish was to pack it with as many veggies as possible, but also incorporate a smoky tomato sauce into the mix that the eggs could cook in. With eggs being such an easily accessible source of inexpensive, high-quality protein, I have been including it into as many dishes as possible.”

Weeknight Beans on Toast by Broke Foodies

“Have tomatoes, sausage, eggs, beans and bread and not sure what to make with them? Here’s a quick and easy recipe filled with protein and healthy nutrients. This Mediterranean-inspired dish takes kitchen staples like tomatoes, beans, eggs and bread to make a great meal for any time of the day.”

Spring Soba Noodle Salad with Jammy Eggs by The Food Gays

“This beautiful spring soba noodle salad with jammy eggs i’s fresh, it’s light, and it’s totally perfect for an easy dinner!”

Avocado Toast with Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs by Leanne Lives Healthy

“When I don’t have eggs for breakfast, they almost ALWAYS go into either lunch or dinner. They are one of my favourite sources of protein, are super simple and versatile, and also cost-effective!” 

Savoury Tex Mex Crepes by Happy & Full

“No fuss! You can make the crepes ahead of time and the morning of simply slice the avocado, shred the cheese and quickly scramble the eggs. Heat the crepes in the oven and assemble!”

Springtime Egg Drop Soup by Amanda Bibeau

“This Springtime Egg Drop Soup is the perfect solution! Coming together in only a matter of minutes, this delicious egg-based soup uses the best of springtime produce while being affordable to boot!”

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs by Anar Allidina

“One of my favourite and easiest ways to enjoy eggs is boiled. Using water to cook eggs is the healthiest way to make eggs (no oil or sauces needed). Once cooked, they can be enjoyed as is or with any seasonings you like. I love cooking up a batch on a Sunday for the week. They are a grab-and-go snack and easy to eat when you are on the run. My go-to after a workout is a hard-boiled egg with a little salt and pepper.”