Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Gilbert Matheson

New Brunswick 1st Generation Egg Farmer

Gilbert Matheson has farming in his blood - he started working on his grandfather’s farm ‘across the road’ as a young boy in this rural New Brunswick community. And he never left – working full time after graduating high school and eventually taking the reins of the operation in 2004 upon his grandfather’s retirement. 

In 2009, Gilbert added laying hens to the mix which he houses in a free run facility, one of only two such egg production units in the province. He and his wife Stacy manage all aspects of the farm and all members of the family, from Gilbert’s grandmother to their six children, have a key role to play in this epitome of the family farm. 

The Mathesons know that a key to successful farming is the ability to adopt new ideas and adapt to change. If he’s got a new idea, Gilbert knows his family will be there to be his sounding board and help bring his plan to life.