Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: The DeLongs

Nova Scotia 2nd Generation Egg Farmer

The DeLong farm was started by Ottis DeLong in 1954. Today his sons, the DeLong brothers, Ralph and James, are proud to carry on the farming tradition in the New Germany and surrounding communities.

With 36,000 hens to care for, running a successful business is a challenge—and lots of hard work! The DeLongs are up for the challenge with the help of the whole family. Ralph's son Thomas is especially proud to be part of Egg Farmers of Canada’s national young farmer program and carry on the family tradition of providing Canadians with the highest quality eggs.

On their farm, the DeLongs produce and grade white and brown eggs, marketing them throughout Western Nova Scotia. In addition the DeLongs raise beef cattle and grow corn, pumpkins, and squash! They are proud to be part of a progressive egg farming industry in Canada.