Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Bruce & Sarah Mitham

New Brunswick 1st Generation Egg Farmers

Egg farmers often say they are proud of the work they do. Bruce and Sarah Mitham are no exception. They take immense pride in being farmers and love the diversity each day brings.

Together with their son Jesse, they look after the laying hens, dairy cows and other animals on their farm. The health and well-being of the poultry and animals in their care are priorities to them.

“Farmers care deeply for their livestock,” says Sarah. “They are our livelihood, and if we look after them in a humane way, giving them all the essentials like a comfortable environment, clean air, fresh water, and a nutritious diet, they will be healthy and productive.”

Every year, hundreds of school children make class trips to visit the Mithams’ farm to see the hens and cows and to learn about life on a farm.