Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Laurent Souligny

Ontario 1st Generation Egg Farmers

The sound of hens cackling in his barn is music to Laurent Souligny’s ears. It means his hens are happy and going about their business of laying eggs. This makes him happy!

Laurent is proud to be able to feed Canadians, supplying them with high-quality and nutritious eggs.

Besides working on his farm, Laurent also spent many years serving on the boards of Egg Farmers of Ontario and Egg Farmers of Canada. His efforts have helped to create an agricultural industry that is strong, viable and committed to producing the best possible eggs for Canadians.

Recently retired, Laurent has passed the management of the farm to his son Jean and his grandsons. These days, he is spending more time giving back to his community in numerous volunteer capacities, relying on the business skills he learned while running his farm.