Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Hubert & Cindy Schillings

Ontario 2nd Generation Egg Farmers

Instead of buying feed for their hens, some egg farmers, like Hubert and Cindy Schillings, grind their own feed from crops they grow.

The Schillings’ diversified and integrated farm includes crops such as corn, wheat and soya beans. “We utilize all our resources to their fullest potential and produce our own crops to feed to the chickens, ” explains Cindy.

She and Hubert are often asked what they feed their hens, and if the feed contains antibiotics. The hens’ diet, like that of hens across the country, typically consists of grains (corn in Ontario), protein, vitamins and minerals, and lots of fresh water. Antibiotics and hormones are not necessary for the hens to lay eggs.

Providing a high-quality, nutritious food for their local community gives the Schillings a great sense of pride. Enjoying the eggs they produce—fried over easy is a family favourite—gives Hubert and Cindy great pleasure!