Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Doug Pauls

Manitoba 2nd Generation Egg Farmers

The care and well-being of his hens and producing a safe food are very important to Doug Pauls. He follows recommended egg farming standards and procedures carefully in order to raise healthy hens that lay high-quality, nutritious and delicious eggs.

Having grown up gathering eggs and working on his own farm since 1998, the role of an egg farmer is a job he enjoys and takes great pride in doing.

“Being a farmer is a bit unique. When I talk to children and adults at events such as Agriculture in the Classroom, fairs or farm displays, people seem amazed at what farmers do, and they’re very interested to learn more about where their food comes from,” Doug explains. “I consider it a privilege and responsibility to do what I do. And very gratifying.”

Breakfast is Doug’s favourite meal, and two soft boiled eggs his breakfast of choice!