Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Carol Leeming

Ontario 4th Generation Egg Farmers

Carol Leeming’s egg farm is a little different than most Canadian egg farms. Her hens stay up late, and sleep during the day.

Egg laying is triggered by light. Managing the barn’s lighting so it’s dark during the day means that in the summer months, the hens sleep through the warmest hours of the day. This conserves energy needed for ventilation. In winter, the hens are awake and moving about during the night when the lights are on, creating additional warmth in the barn.

“Environmental stewardship is important to us. Energy conservation and sustainability are an integral part of our vision for our farm and family,” says Carol. The Leemings have a high efficiency cooling system for the egg cooler, and renewable energy is generated from an on-farm solar panel and wind turbine.

Carol is proud to be part of an evolving and innovative egg industry. She enjoys sharing her farming perspective and as a volunteer educator at agricultural events.