Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Curtis Somerton

Newfoundland and Labrador 3rd Generation Egg Farmer

When Curtis’ grandfather started Munn Poultry Farm in Portugal Cove, NL, his goal was to produce great tasting eggs that would bring people to the breakfast table. Over the course of 50 years he didn’t just succeed in bringing Newfoundland and Labradorean families together; he brought his own family together as well. The family farm was relocated to Ocean Pond in 2004 in order to build a state of the art facility for future generations.

Today, Curtis Somerton, his wife Crystal and his mother Leslie all work together on the farm and understand the bonding power egg farming can have. “Even our employees are treated like family,” says Curtis. “We love how close knit we are.”

With such strong passion for togetherness, it’s no surprise the hens are considered part of the family. “Starting a flock of day old chicks, raising them to be laying hens and seeing what they produce—it makes us so proud.”