Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Glen & Blake Jennings

Nova Scotia 4th and 5th Generation Egg Farmers

Bayview Poultry Farm, Nova Scotia

The breezes that blow over Bayview Poultry Farm in Nova Scotia don’t just keep the mosquitoes away during the summer. They also rotate the wind turbines that generate power for the egg farm, enabling the Jennings family to use a renewable energy source - and helping them reduce operating costs on their farm.

Glen Jennings installed the turbines in 2007. He farms with his son Blake, and his father Cecil lives just down the road. Their five generation family farm has been innovating since it began in the late 1940’s.

“Our farm wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the hard work, innovation, and passion of generations who’ve gone before,” says Glen.

Over the years, housing for the hens and feeding and manure removal systems have evolved to benefit the hens and simplify farming tasks. Advancing technology has meant many procedures on the farm are now mechanized or computerized, but egg farming is still a hands-on job. Checking on the farm’s 13,000 hens, collecting their eggs, cleaning the barns, maintaining equipment, and planning future innovative projects keep these farmers busy.

“Working with your family brings both great rewards and some challenges, but I can’t imagine doing anything else,” says Blake. “This isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle we’ve chosen.”

Glen agrees. “I love producing an environmentally-friendly product for consumers. Knowing that eggs laid on our farm are enjoyed by friends and neighbours in our community and fellow Nova Scotians brings us great joy and motivates us to do the best job we can as farmers. I hope our farm thrives for generations to come in whatever innovative form the future brings.”

Blake explains his favourite part of egg farming: