Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Glen Jennings

Nova Scotia 4th Generation Egg Farmer

Glen Jennings and his son Blake are proud to operate the first “green egg farm in Nova Scotia.

The 12,000-hen farm, which started in the late 1940s, has always strived to be environmentally friendly. In fact, the farm eliminates unnecessary greenhouse gases by only delivering eggs to local customers, rather than shipping out of province.

To further his family’s dedication to the environment, Glen installed three wind turbines at his naturally windy Bayview farm. The results have been inspirational: nearly three quarters of the farm’s power comes from wind, with plans to soon go off the grid entirely.

When it comes down to it, Glen knows this business isn’t just about the eggs—it’s about providing eggs that people feel good about eating. It’s fun to produce a product for the consumer. I enjoy it. I love it.

Blake explains his favourite part of egg farming: