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On The Farm: Journey Of The Egg & More

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Have you ever wondered where your eggs come from?

The Journey of the Egg is a story that is told all across Canada by more than 1,000 egg farmers and farm families who work hard every single day to ensure fresh, local and high-quality eggs are always available for you to enjoy!

Watch this video to:

• Learn about the pullet and laying barns
• See how farmers care for their hens and what they feed them
• Tour a grading and breaking station
• Learn about the natural goodness of eggs and the different varieties at the store
• And, to learn tips for what to do once you bring your eggs home

What’s more! This story is told by a Canadian egg farmer who can’t wait to meet you.

The Journey of the Egg - Full Story


The Journey of the Egg Chapter 1


The Journey of the Egg continues:

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