Eggs 101

How to Get Egg Shell Out of a Cracked Egg

There is nothing more annoying than cracking an egg and finding a bit of shell has dropped into the raw egg. Even more annoying is trying to get it out! Try this very clever method for removing egg shell from raw egg:

Take the broken half of the leftover egg shell and use it to scoop out the bit of shell in your egg. The jagged part of the egg shell acts as a sort of knife breaking through the raw egg to get at the shell easily and without mess.  

Works every time! 

How to clean up an egg spill easily

Here’s a super easy trick for cleaning up raw egg:

Take regular table salt, pour it over the egg spill - enough to cover it completely - and wipe it up with paper towel. The salt leeches the moisture from the egg making it easy to wipe up. It’s as easy as that!