Spring Pea and Egg Toast

Highlight the fresh, sweet flavours of spring by puréeing green peas with lemon and chives, then spreading onto rustic sourdough bread for an easy yet elegant meal.

Prep Time:
10 min
Cook Time:
5 min


Nutrition Facts
  • 2 cups (500 mL) fresh green peas
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) snipped fresh chives
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) fresh mint
  • 1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon juice
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/4 tsp (1.25 mL) each coarse salt and pepper (approx.)
  • 1/4 cup (60 mL) extra-virgin olive oil
  • 4 slices sourdough bread (3/4-inch/2 cm thick slices), toasted
  • 4 fried eggs
  • 1 cup (250 mL) pea shoots


  1. Cook peas in pot of boiling salted water for about 2 minutes or until tender and bright green. Drain.

  2. In food processor fitted with metal blade, combine peas, chives, mint, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper; pulse until well combined but still chunky. Add olive oil, purée until smooth. 

  3. Smear pea mixture over each slice of toast. Top with fried eggs; sprinkle with additional salt and pepper if desired. Garnish with pea shoots. Serve immediately.  


For a very herbaceous spread, add 2 tbsp (30 mL) each chopped basil and parsley to food processor along with the other ingredients before puréeing.