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4 Easy Ways to Make Basic Microwaved Eggs Look Pretty

Making eggs in the microwave gets a tough rap from some. It can be hard to know when your eggs are done (or when you’re overcooking them), or how to think outside the box when you’re whipping up an egg on the go.

But here’s the thing, we see you searching for microwave egg recipes every day, and we get it! The microwave offers almost limitless possibilities and cuts down on both cook time and cleanup. All that, and it’s easy to cook the perfect microwave egg (one just as Insta-worthy as a poached egg on avocado toast). Here are four ways to take your microwaved eggs to the next level:

Microwave Eggs for Breakfast In A Mug

breakfast in a mug 025

This recipe is our favourite because it’s customizable and the base recipe has everything—the natural goodness of a whole egg, plus whole grains and veggies. All done in two minutes? Sign us up! Once you get the hang of it, try your own favourite flavours for a new combo every morning. Get this easy microwaved egg recipe here.

Microwave Leek and Onion Flan

Microwave Leek and Mushroom Flan CMS

Leeks and onions always lend a rich, savoury flavour to eggs, and this recipe calls for cooking them down in the same dish you’ll make your flan in. It’s a quick and delicious meal that takes 10 minutes (or less) to prepare.

Microwaved Eggs in Peppers

Microwaved Eggs in Peppers CMS

Say goodbye to a sad desk lunch with this baked egg in a bell pepper recipe! It’s a really attractive starter, side, or accompaniment to toast at breakfast or a salad for lunch. Plus, it takes only 8 minutes to rustle up!

Basic Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Basic Microwave Eggs Two Ways CMS

Okay, not the most impressive egg recipe—until you know the perfect microwave scrambled eggs! The eggs cook through best with an even sprinkle of salt in the base of your cooking dish. Salt attracts microwave energy to help the eggs cook quickly and evenly.

Ready to get cooking?

Check out our microwave egg cooker and this extensive list of great microwave egg recipes to make breakfast, lunch or dinner enviable.