Recipe Ideas

Great Ideas for Holiday Baking Fun

If you were to describe the holidays by a smell, what would it be? Pine needles? Burning logs in the fireplace? For many, it would be the smell of warm baked goods wafting through a home full of family and holiday cheer.

Enjoy an afternoon of family fun in the kitchen! Get the kids, and relatives together to bake some festive treats. Cookies, tarts and cakes make simple host gifts and easy finger food for the office or school holiday parties.

Another fun idea for a get-together around the holidays is to host a cookie exchange. Gather friends to share cookies, recipes, tips, tricks and lots of laughs while padding your recipe box! How does it work? Guests bring their cookies (and recipes) to the event, and everyone goes home with a batch of different treats and family recipes.

Try these Chocolate Krinkles, a favourite of egg farmers from the Roseglen Hutterite Colony of Alberta. They are a chocolatey sugar-coated cookie that’s sure to be a hit. Another fun and festive option are these Gingerbread Cookies that the kids are guaranteed to love.

A dessert buffet is another unique and flexible way to entertain. For eight to 10 people, choose two or three desserts for variety. As your guest list grows, add another dessert for every eight people. Try these melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Bars or these Fudgey Brownies that are popular with all ages. 

Arrange the desserts on a large table, leaving room at one end for coffee and tea. These Maple Walnut Tarts pair exceptionally well with a warm winter beverage.

Meringues are another great idea for a holiday dessert. They also make a great host gift (plus they’re light if you’re traveling) or send them with the kids to the school holiday party.

Happy Holidays and happy baking!