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From A to Zucchini - All of the Best Back-To-School Egg Recipes

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In the spirit of back-to-school, here are 26 great egg recipes for lunches, breakfasts, snacks and more. From the Apple and Bacon Scramble (a quick and tasty breakfast that gets them off to school) and ending with the Zucchini and Spinach Frittata (a great way to get the kids to eat their greens), we’ve got recipes that get top marks for deliciousness and nutrition.

AApple and Bacon Scramble – When it’s a scramble to get them off to school on weekday mornings, try this hot breakfast that’s always a favourite with the little ones.

BBagel ‘n’ Egg Melts – These open-faced bagel sandwiches are a quick and easy lunch or after-school snack.

CCurly Noodle Fritatta – Kids love instant noodles. Here’s a novel way to incorporate one of their favourite foods into a healthy lunch or dinner.

DDouble Fudge Brownies – No special occasion needed to double up on the fudge in these brownies. Great for a potluck, bake-sale, or post-homework snack.

EEgg in a Potato Nest – Hash browns form a little nest for a sunny egg. This breakfast is quick to make on busy mornings.

FFrench Toast Fingers – Turn classic French toast into jam sandwich fingers––fun for kids of all ages and great for sleepover breakfasts.

GGood Morning Casserole – Filled with eggs, bacon, mushrooms and oozing with Cheddar cheese, this Good Morning Casserole is an easy way to get the kids out of bed.

HHam in Egg Cup – Add scrambled eggs, cheese, plain yogurt and chives to a cup lined with deli ham, microwave for a few minutes and enjoy.

IItalian Sausage Egg Casserole – An easy brunch dish for the weekend or bring it to a potluck.

JPB & J Mini Pancake Cups – Kids and adults alike will greet weekday mornings with a smile thanks to these portable PB & J (J for jam, of course) pancake cups!

KKey Lime Pie – A classic dessert dish for a family dinner. It comes together in less than 30 minutes and is a favourite with everyone.

LLasagna with Eggs, Artichokes and Mushrooms – With layers of artichokes, sliced hard-cooked eggs, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, this lasagna is sure to please any night of the week.

MMini Ham and Cheddar Frittatas – These mini frittatas are just the right size for little fingers as a breakfast on the go or an after-school snack.

NNested Egg – An easy breakfast for the whole family that makes great use of chicken dinner leftovers. A nest is made from chopped potato, chicken, celery and herbs to cradle a delicious sunny-side-up egg.

OOvernight Strawberry French Toast – The perfect recipe for breakfast when hosting a weekend sleepover.

P – Pizza Egg Melts – Rise and shine to these three words: pizza, egg, melts. Mmmm.

QTortilla Quiche – This clever use of tortillas mixes quiche with the flavours of Mexican cuisine.

RRatatouille and Scrambled Eggs – Enjoy this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Full of protein, this scrambled egg meal is also  an easy way to get the whole family to eat their veggies!

SSunny Egg Face – Let the little ones play with their food in decorating these simple omelettes.

T – Toad-in-a-Hole – Simply cut a hole in a piece of bread to cradle a sunny side up egg. Use cookie cutters to make different shaped holes.

ULow-Fat Breakfast Bars – Unsweetened apple sauce (hence the “U”) is the key to these tasty breakfast bars, giving them a light natural sweetness and a moist texture. Grab one on your way to work, school or the gym!

VVeggie Sunrise Peppers – Sweet peppers make ideal individual cups for this quick breakfast.

WWestern Pitas – Classic Western ingredients of ham, cheese and egg taste great in pita pockets for lunch.

X –  Eggs-tra Special Omelette – Make breakfast “X”tra special with the addition of feta, goat cheese and a touch of citrus.

Y – Yogurt Hollandaise – The most important ingredient in any Hollandaise sauce is egg yolk. Although traditionally paired with eggs Benedict, this lighter yogurt variety is also delicious drizzled over seafood or vegetable dishes.

ZSpinach and Zucchini Frittata – A healthy brunch or dinner recipe, full of green goodness!