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Ham and Egg Sandwich Hacks

The ham and egg sandwich, perhaps best known as a “Western Sandwich” or “Denver Sandwich,” is comprised of an omelette made with ham, onions and green peppers. Despite this classic combination being given an American name, it’s thought to have been invented by Chinese cooks working on the western railroads who adapted dishes like Egg Foo Yung to American ingredients.

Although a quintessential breakfast sandwich, the ham and egg combination doesn’t have to be confined to the first meal of the day. With just a few tweaks, enjoy variations on the ham and egg sandwich for lunch and dinner too!

A Ham and Egg Quesadilla is an easy lunch, ready in less than 20 minutes. Another lunch favourite is this Ham and Egg Omelette Panini that takes an omelette and makes it portable. 

A Western Pita is another great idea for a lunch on the go, or pair it with a soup for a light dinner. Another twist on the ham and egg combination are these Ham, Brie and Egg Pitas—a favourite of Canadian egg farmer’s Danny Guillemette and Hélène Claude!

For lunch or dinner, try this Monte Cristo Melt. This egg-dipped sandwich, grilled until golden brown and oozing with cheese, is a quick meal ready in under 15 minutes.

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