Recipe Ideas

With or Without Recipes, Eggs Create Meals That Have It All

This article was written by Nadia Pestrak and was originally published in Zoomer Magazine.

We are all dining in a lot these days. If you find yourself opening the fridge and falling short on inspiration, take a second look and see an old favourite that can become something new. Eggs.  Not only are they a delicious option, they are healthy, affordable and incredibly versatile. Not to mention, they won’t take up counter space and gather dust, unlike that electric can opener you bought last summer.

Single Servings

Avocado Toast with Eggs 1664x832

On your own for a meal? Want something easy and tasty but also healthy? Full of protein, vitamins and minerals, eggs can help you meet your nutritional needs. If you don’t have much time, add one to your avocado toast or to greens and sautéed vegetables. Because of their healthy fats, eggs help the body better absorb the nutrients in vegetables. Use the stove, oven, your slow cooker, instant pot or the microwave. Eggs in creamed spinach (Green eggs and Ham isn’t just for kids), fridge cleanout frittatas, or a sandwich of your devising all await.

Eggs Are Way More Than Breakfast

EFC Egg Topped Pizza Kale Tomatoes Feta 1664x832

By all means, enjoy them for breakfast. But don’t forget lunch and dinner too. Eggs are the little black dress (or fitted shirt) of your fridge. They have it all nutritionally – protein, a range of vitamins including vitamins A, D and B12, and minerals like iron and zinc – and they pair with every other food you can imagine. So, while you don’t need a recipe to put together a delicious meal with eggs at the centre, there are recipes for every taste. Egg fried rice, sweet potato and egg skillet, and eggy-topped pizza are just a few examples.

Around the World

Nasi Goreng Indonesian Fried Rice 1664x832

Can’t travel? Bring the world to your kitchen. Every international cuisine has their own unique and delicious take on eggs. How about Korean Bibimbap topped with a runny yellow yolk, Indonesian Nasi Goreng with aromatic spices and egg, or Egg Foo Yung drizzled with sesame sauce? The world is your egg.