Recipe Ideas

Party Appetizers: Fun & Easy Egg Appetizers

Egg appetizers make some of the best finger foods. Sure, there are all the usual egg appetizers, devilled eggs, egg-salad sandwiches, mini-quiches... but let’s get creative with these fun and easy appetizer ideas:

Egg Dip with Veggies—Yes, eggs make a great veggie dip! Just blend with mayo, green onion, and fresh herbs like dill and basil, and you’ve got a new favourite dip sure to get your guests mingling.

Akoori—These spicy, earthy Indian scrambled eggs are traditionally a breakfast item, but they make a great appetizer served over slices of toasted baguette or pieces of pita.

Tomato and Egg Tostadas—These make colourful sliders, with their flecks of green lettuce and diced red and orange sweet peppers. Since these little delights only take 10 minutes to cook, prepare ingredients ahead so you can whip some up just in time for your guests to arrive!

Pickled Eggs—Pickled eggs make a tasty finger food. Don’t have time to pickle your own? Cheat by refrigerating hard boiled eggs in pickle or pickled beet juice for a couple of days before serving.

Egg and Bacon Canapés—These easy and elegant appetizers are a great idea for your next party because they can be prepared in advance, and assembled just before your guests arrive.

What are you waiting for? Get Cracking on your next get-together!