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Eggs At Your Local Store

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Eggs travel from the grading station to the store in a refrigerated truck. The eggs are kept under refrigeration at the store and are carefully rotated to ensure the eggs that arrive first are the first ones sold.

Standing in front of the egg case today, one might well be in awe of the variety available. We’re fortunate to have such a selection of eggs to choose from in Canada. And to know every choice is a great one!

Let’s consider the variety of eggs you might find:

The choice is yours!

From classic white and brown eggs to enriched or furnished eggs, free range and free run to organic, Omega-3 and vitamin D enhanced, egg farmers give Canadians all the choices they ask for.

Look to the carton when selecting your preferred variety of eggs. Here you’ll find the Grade A symbol, the size of the egg and the best before date, so you always know you are buying high-quality eggs that are produced according to some of the highest on-farm standards in the world.

The result is that our eggs, no matter which type you prefer, are among the best in the world in terms of quality and freshness. And they taste delicious too!

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