From Farm to Table

Eggs & Storage In Your Kitchen

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You’ve just bought some fresh, local, high-quality Grade A eggs—and, now what?

Make sure to store your eggs in the carton in the body of the fridge. This helps keep your eggs a consistent temperature. And, by keeping them in the original carton, their porous shell will not take on the smell of other foods in your fridge and you will always know the best before date.

Whether you like them boiled, poached or over-easy, eggs are a snap to cook, and there are many delicious and nutritious ways to enjoy them!

Browse our recipe collection for some egg-ified inspiration!

Thanks for following along the Journey of the Egg with us and for learning how the egg gets from the farm to your table. 

Egg farmers across the country and our partners along the way work hard to ensure that you have fresh, nutritious and high-quality eggs to enjoy—no matter how you crack them!

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