Food Banks Canada

Over 840,000 Canadians use a food bank each month and close to 4 million Canadians live in food insecure households. Food Banks Canada, and its network of 500 community food banks, is tackling this issue head on.

As part of our commitment to promoting healthy living in Canadian communities, Egg Farmers of Canada is a proud partner of Food Banks Canada. For more than two decades Canadian egg farmers have supported Food Banks Canada in their mission to relieve hunger by donating more than 1 million eggs each year.

Eggs are a natural, fresh, source of high-quality protein and have 14 important nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and folate. Through our work with Food Banks Canada we are helping more Canadians have access to a whole, protein-dense food and the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.  


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About Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with hunger. We do this by supporting a network of 10 Provincial Associations and more than 500 food banks, sharing food and funds and delivering programs and services. While we are focused on helping food banks meet the need of food insecure Canadians today, we are also dedicated to finding ways to reduce and eliminate hunger tomorrow by influencing policy through research, awareness raising, and advocacy.

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