Breakfast Club of Canada

When you realize that 60% of learning happens before lunch, it becomes clear why breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Children who get a balanced meal in a positive, stimulating environment, show marked improvements in:

Unfortunately, many children across Canada aren't able to get the breakfast they need to start the day off right. This is why Egg Farmers of Canada has partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada, one of the most prominent organizations in the country, who provides thousands of meals everyday to children across Canada. 

Egg Farmers of Canada’s involvement and support allows the Club to meet the everyday challenge of providing a full and nourishing meal to over 150,000 children. Through this partnership, more children across the country will have access to the natural goodness of eggs. Egg Farmers of Canada’s long-standing partnership with the Club has provided millions of eggs to schools so all kids can have a healthy, nutritious and protein-packed meal. 


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More About the Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-profit organization that provides funding, equipment, food, training and services to school breakfast programs across Canada. We are dedicated to making sure that students start their day with a nutritious breakfast in a safe and supportive environment.

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