Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba

Breakfast Program school Arthur A. Leach 1


As part of egg farmers’ commitment to give back, Manitoba Egg Farmers (MEF) has partnered with Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) in support of Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba, who support breakfast, snack and lunch programs in local schools. The partnership provides schools with coupons for 1 free dozen eggs to these programs in support of facilitating their programs and ensuring students can enjoy egg-based meals in participating schools. MEF Marketing Specialist, Adriana Findlay, visited Arthur A. Leach’s grade 8 home economics class where students were busy preparing frittatas using local eggs purchased with the coupons distributed through this program. Students were very excited to demonstrate their skills in the kitchen and in their ability to complete recipes from start to finish in their work stations. MEF provided resources and recipe booklets for students to supplement their curriculum on provincial egg production and nutrition.