Farmer Ben’s Eggs in North Cowichan

British Columbia

Jen Woike, along with her husband, a 2nd generation family farmer, own and operate Farmer Ben’s Eggs in North Cowichan located on Vancouver Island in BC. She strongly believes in supporting the community they live in, especially when it comes to making sure school breakfast programs have access to fresh eggs for a nutritious and delicious source of protein.

Despite their busy schedule, Jen and her family has been involved with the Queen of Angels breakfast program since 2008. They donate eggs weekly to this school, along with two other elementary schools in their community to make sure kids start the day off right.

With three children of her own, Jen knows the importance of providing good nutrition, supporting a healthy lifestyle, and setting a good example when it comes to helping others. "It's important to be involved in your community and teach our children how to give back, that's why we do it," says farmer Jen.

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