Oromocto Food Centre Partnership

New Brunswick

The Egg Farmers of New Brunswick are proud to work in partnership with the Oromocto Food Centre to help kids start their day with a nutritious breakfast.

The Eggscellent Foods program supports eight Oromocto schools who currently do not have access to a cafeteria. Eggs are prepared in the Oromocto Food Center and delivered directly to the schools two times a week, giving them a nutritionally packed supplement to their existing planned meals. “It is so important for kids to start their day with a balanced breakfast. This partnership gives children energy to make the best of each day and succeed in school,” adds Roberta Akcakiryan, Community School Coordinator at Geary Elementary Community School.

This partnership is an important part of the many ways Egg Farmers of New Brunswick are trying to bring the natural goodness of eggs to schools. “We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we are proud to be helping to give more kids a balanced start to their day,” says April Sexsmith, General Manager, Egg Farmers of New Brunswick.