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Q How can I tell if my eggs are fresh? Show Hide

A fresh Canada Grade A egg will have a round, well-centered, compact and erect yolk surrounded by a very thick and firm white. The egg will have a small air cell (less than 5 mm deep). As an egg ages, the air cell becomes larger, the yolk becomes more flat, larger, and breaks more easily, and the thick white becomes thin and watery.

Q What does the "Best Before" date on the egg carton mean? Show Hide

When buying eggs, be sure to check the "Best Before" date on the carton. A "Best Before" date is required by Federal regulation if the shelf life of a food is less than 90 days. The date indicates the time the eggs will maintain Grade A quality, if stored properly. It is normally 28 to 35 days from the date of packing. If you use them after that date, they are better for baking, hard-cooking or scrambling rather than poaching or frying.

Q How do I go about choosing high-quality eggs? Show Hide

To ensure top quality, buy only Canada Grade A eggs that have been kept refrigerated and check that the shells are clean and uncracked.

All eggs sold in Canadian grocery stores are Grade A eggs. Look for a maple leaf on the carton. Grade A eggs must have a clean shell, be free of cracks and be normal in shape. The egg must also have a firm white, a small air cell on the wide end and the yolk must be centered inside the egg. In other words, a Grade A egg is a fresh, quality egg!

Q Why should I keep my eggs refrigerated? Show Hide

Eggs, like many other perishable foods, should be stored in the refrigerator until they are needed to help maintain their freshness. The lower and consistent temperature limits moisture lost through the pores of the egg shell. This keeps the egg fresh right up to the "best before date" that's stamped on the exterior of the carton. You may also find our  Keeping it fresh article interesting.